50X Simple temperature


Brand: Carrier Transicold

Model: 50X

-Compressor on the motor TM-16

-Condensor mounted on the front of the box

-Evaporator with three fans, brushless Extra-flat 8” SlimLine

-In the cab CAB COMMAND 2 Multi-fonction with the motor hours

-Refrigerant R-404A

-Approximate Weight; 191 lbs / 87 kg condenseor (337 lbs/153 kg with electric standby)

92 lbs / 42 kg evaporator 30 lbs / 14 kg compressor and bracket

-Cooling capacity at ambient temperature 100°F (38°C)

            35°F (2°C) 17000 BTU

            0°F (-18°C) 9000 BTU

           -20°F (-29°C) 5000 BTU

-Heating capacity at ambient temperature 0°F (-18°C)

             35°F (2°C) 11000 BTU 

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