X4 7300 Simple temperature


Brand: Carrier Transicold

Model: X4 7300

-Diesel engine developing less than 25 horsepower

-Diesel engine 2.2 liters Tier 4 Final approuved 2013 EPA/ CARB

-1800 RPM High speed/ 1350 RPM Low Speed

-Electronic Controller for starting and the engine speed (ESC)

-Control System APX

-Compressor “Carrier”, 05G-40 CID, 6 cylinders with unloaders

-Suction Modulation Valve providing 10% fuel savings

-Cooling Capacity at ambient temperature 100°F( 38°C)

            35°F (2°C) 66000 BTU

            0°F (-18°C) 35000 BTU

          -20°F (-29°C) 23000 BTU

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